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We develop independent restaurant and bar concepts that elevate your brand’s hospitality experience and the community.

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Culinary experiences that spark connection & conversation

The kitchen is the heart of the home — and in today’s foodie-conscious culture, it’s often the heart of a hotel. We’ve helped many of our hotel partners position themselves as trendy neighborhood dining destinations, not merely a convenient dining option for hotel guests. From architectural and interior design to culinary and beverage concepts; from business plans to menu design, we’ll make sure your bar or restaurant is a place where locals and guests gather frequently.

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We’ve got just the right number of seasoned cooks in the kitchen. From rooftop bars to tapas-style lounges, our experienced team of food and beverage experts have done it all. Our approach is designed with the story and soul of your community in mind.

Brand Strategy

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We don’t just help you build a thriving business. Our branding experts create magnetic brands with a stories inspired by the local community and a developer's vision. This brand strategy drives every single decision thereafter.

Design & Build

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From helping partners find the right space to bringing it to life, our architects, interior designers, and construction partners are there every step of the way, making sure everything is on time, on brand, and on budget.

Menu Design

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The hero of your dining experience is the menu. We design memorable food and beverage menus that keeps guests coming back time and time again.

Sales & Marketing

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Your food can be the best in the city, but if no one knows you exist, they simply won’t come. We ensure the right people have our restaurants and bars on their radar, so it becomes a household name in the community and beyond.

Staffing & Operations

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Our recruiting and training pros handle the most important (and often most challenging) piece of the puzzle: finding, training, and managing a stellar staff who’s reliable, reflects the brand, and can help make a guest’s dining experience a truly memorable one.

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Investments & Asset Management

Intentional Investing

Ready to turn great opportunities into community-changing, revenue-generating realities? Our market experts have a proven track record of helping partners identify and close smart investments—and our asset managers know what levers to pull to make sure that investment reaches its full potential.

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Hospitality Management

Inspire brand loyalty from the moment they book

Guests come for the location, amenities, and design, but they come back for the service. We put the right people and processes in place to make sure your guest experience is nothing less than exceptional, inspiring brand and property loyalty.

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We welcome every opportunity to interact with investors, developers and hotel partners. If you’d like to learn more about McKibbon, we’d love to hear from you.

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