Tom O’Neil

Director of Hotel Openings & Transitions

Don’t let your fears stand in the way of your dreams.

The lobby may be stunning and the bedding may be the plush … but without heart, there is no hospitality. The true heart of any hotel is the people behind it. As Director of Hotel Openings and Transitions, Tom O’Neil’s job is to bring the heart and spirit of McKibbon to life inside every new hotel property--and that process begins long before Opening Day.

While serving as a General Manager at McKibbon hotels for over 13 years, he’s been an integral part of 15 hotel opening teams. Along the way, he’s learned that a million little things can (and will) go wrong during the process of opening a new hotel. But he’s mastered the secret to managing it with grace and creating a hotel opening experience that’s nothing short of phenomenal. The secret? Forming the right team and putting their needs first.

Tom is responsible for maintaining relationships with all contractors, establishing and tracking spend on pre-opening operations budgets, and coordinating with general managers on all aspects related to hotel openings.

When he’s not helping a fellow colleague out or cutting Opening Day ribbons, you’ll likely find him home with his wife and kids. He lives for that moment when he comes home from work and his son’s face lights up. He’s passionate about helping kids in need and living the McKibbon mission by serving his community.


McKibbon Hospitality, 2005-Present

  • General Manager

Marriot International, 1990-2004

  • General Manager

Park Place Hospitality Group, 2004-2005

  • General Manager


  • Profit Warrior SE Region Marriott & Sales Excellence
  • Marriott President’s Award