Stan Hannibal, CEOE, CFM, FMA

Vice President of Engineering

One of my greatest career accomplishments is being one of only a handful of African American men in the engineering industry at the corporate level.

When it comes to making the inner workings of a hotel run like clockwork, Stan is, without a doubt, the man for the job. The son of a military leader, it’s no wonder that since joining McKibbon in 2013, Stan has been wildly successful at creating, leading and earning the respect from a world-class engineering team at McKibbon. From troubleshooting mechanical issues to making energy improvements across McKibbon’s portfolio of hotels, Stan takes an innovative approach to directing all aspects of engineering operations. But the most rewarding part is interacting with his fellow co-workers. He’s never had so much fun at work before, and he hopes to continue the work-play philosophy.

When he’s not working on making a hotel run smoothly, he’s working on himself, getting in a daily workout to keep his mind and body prepared for the day’s challenges. He also finds peace in the sport of fishing and pure joy in catching a football game with his kids. As both a father and a colleague, he aims to be the kind of person who makes himself available to talk or listen when someone needs it most.


McKibbon Hospitality, 2013-Present

  • Vice President of Engineering

White Lodging Services, 2007-2013

  • Senior Director of Corporate Engineering & Renovations

Marriott International, 1989-2005

  • Director of Engineering


  • Marriott Renovation of the Year Nominee, 2011
  • Marriott Midwest Leadership Award, 2000
  • Marriott Manager of the Quarter, 1992

Phone(813) 241-2399

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