Kane Flanary

Vice President of Renovations

Treat everyone you meet with dignity, respect, and kindness.

Kane believes that every day is an opportunity to reinvent something, whether it’s a hotel, a relationship, or himself. As Vice President of Renovations for McKibbon, he has no shortage of opportunities to do just that. The Eastern Kentucky University graduate is responsible for all aspects of the renovations process for both McKibbon and third-party-owned hotels. Kane is proud to lead one of the best renovation teams in the business, which he helped build.

While Kane’s day-to-day business decisions are based on his experience, industry knowledge, and each individual project scope, his actions are grounded in the quality he values most: kindness. It’s a trait he works hard to pass onto his two daughters as well. Kane’s other passions include boating, watching sports, four wheeling and pretty much any other water sport.


McKibbon Hospitality, 2008-Present

  • Vice President of Renovations
  • Senior Project Manager of Renovations

Phone(704) 651-4542