John McKibbon


The lives we touch along the way… that’s how we measure success.

John’s definition of “service” goes far beyond shaping one-of-a-kind hotel experiences. A third-generation entrepreneur, John believes we each have a mission to leave the world better than we found it. It’s what he tries to accomplish every day in both his business and personal life.

Since taking over the family business in 1991, John and his team have grown McKibbon Hospitality into an award-winning leader in the hospitality development, operations and management industry. He’s done so by following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, hiring great talent and refocusing the company’s strengths as needed based on current trends, market conditions and his entrepreneurial gut. From becoming one of Marriott’s largest franchisees to launching a unique lifestyle hotel division, John maintains that constant evolution is essential to McKibbon’s continued success. But his greatest accomplishments can’t be measured by awards and figures. Being a great husband and father, helping associates realize their dreams, and making a positive impact on the communities McKibbon serves …that’s the legacy he hopes to leave behind.

John actively supports various non-profits, particularly those in the communities where he and his staff live and work. He empowers every McKibbon associate to do the same.

Even after all these years, John is still learning and evolving, traveling to exciting cities and neighborhoods to explore new hotels and restaurants to see what's trending next in the hospitality industry.