Ben Golson

Vice President of Digital Marketing & eCommerce

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Ben knows that more often than not, perception is reality. And nothing matters more to McKibbon than how our customers perceive us. It’s why Ben and his team of eCommerce managers act as our eyes and ears in the digital world, keeping a close eye on what customers are saying — and what they’re not saying. With new social media and marketing channels emerging constantly, Ben’s goal each day is to find out what works (and what doesn’t) to help maintain McKibbon’s reputation while growing its revenue.

Ben's love for analytics may be why he enjoys a good game of golf, especially when it’s with his family. Even the most plugged-in professionals need to disconnect every once in a while, and Ben’s favorite backdrop for relaxation is Amelia Island. Ben has been a longtime advocate for charities supporting Lou Gehrig’s disease, by participating in many fundraising campaigns.


McKibbon Hospitality, 2012-Present

  • Director of eCommerce
  • SEO Analyst

HUA Marketing, 2011-2012

  • Project Manager

Dynamic Dentals Partners, 2010-2011

  • Marketing Director

Phone(813) 241-2399

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